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With over 19 years of experience in ERP with an extensive amount of expertise in EDI, we can provide training to your staff on the EDI-centric applications used in BPCS® and ERP LX®.

Training sessions are customized based on your business needs, your level of expertise and conducted in your test environment so the configuration provided during the class exercises is saved.

EDI On-site training - we can come to you to meet your staff and get a better understanding of your business processes to provide on-demand training.

EDI Remote training - we can use remote tools to share our screen with you at your convenience. This type of training provides the flexibility you need when dealing with production issues.

EDI Seminars - we organize EDI seminars in our offices when multiple customers have expressed the need for training and are interested in sharing ideas with other companies. These types of sessions are valuable when designing new business processes.


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